Who We Are

We are a small home-based cattery.

Our family raises high-quality Siberian kittens.

Our mission is to help people who have cat allergies find their best friend in their next cat.


You can visit us and choose your fluffy one.

Learn more about Siberian cats

Here is everything you should know about Siberian cats

Personality of Siberian kitties

  • They are affectionate, love their families including other pets and children, and love to snuggle with their family.
  • Very smart and intelligent.
  • Very energetic and playful.
  • Siberians are often called the "cat for dog people"

Siberian cats do not cause allergies!

However, there are no absolutely hypoallergenic cats or dogs, but Siberian cats can fairly be called low-allergen because of mutations that reduce their Fel d 1 levels. Fel d 1 is the most major of 10 cat allergens.

Siberian cats' health

Another benefit is they have strong health and they could save you a load in veterinary costs if compare with others breed. An average spin of life is about 12-15 years.

How Siberian cats get along with adults

Loyal animals are very fond of spending time in human society. Siberians perfectly feel the mood of people and are always ready to “support” the sad owner.


Available kittens
Born on 03/31/2024


She's a vision of elegance and grace. Coco's every movement exudes confidence and poise, as if she knows she's destined for greatness. Her playful spirit and affectionate nature make her the perfect companion for anyone seeking love and companionship. With Coco by your side, every day is filled with beauty, joy, and endless cuddles.

Hypoallergenic cat.


Meet Cosmo, the epitome of feline elegance.  Cosmo's playful nature and curious spirit make every moment with him an adventure. Whether he's chasing a toy or curling up in your lap, his charm and affection are bound to steal your heart.

Hypoallergenic cat


Introducing Champion,  whose name perfectly suits his regal demeanor.  Champion exudes elegance and charm. His playful antics and affectionate nature make him a true winner in the hearts of all who meet him. Whether he's frolicking with toys or snuggled up for a nap, Champion's presence brings joy and warmth to any home.

 Hypoallergenic cat


He captures hearts effortlessly, earning his name as a true love bringer. Cupid's appearance is matched only by his playful spirit and affectionate nature. He's the perfect companion for those seeking a furry friend to shower with love and adoration. With Cupid by your side, every moment is filled with warmth, joy, and undeniable charm.

 Hypoallergenic cat

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Telephone: +1 954 439 6127

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